March 8 is International Women’s Day—a day to reflect on the progress achieved by women worldwide. It celebrates women’s determination and courage and the extraordinary role they have played in history. The day aims to galvanize support against gender discrimination and violence against women.

Bodybuilding women

(Pixabay / AlexVan)

Females today have achieved a great deal in terms of gender equality. The wide gap that used to separate men and women has narrowed markedly in many countries. We see women entering fields that have been historically dominated by men, including politics, armed services, and business.

Women have also become more prominent in the arena of fitness. We see women’s sports teams gaining greater traction, an increased focus on female athletes, and more women in the field of weight lifting.

The following are some women who are breaking barriers in body building.

  • Wendy Lindquist – The British Columbia native used to be a dancer and a gymnast. She is now a fitness model who has been taking part in body building competitions for many years.
  • Jennifer Broomfield – This well-known redhead came from an athletic family and started bodybuilding while still a teenager.
  • Jennifer Rish – A California native, Jennifer was a kick boxer and gymnast in her late teens and twenties. Today, she is a nurse and a fitness model, in addition to taking part in body building competitions.
  • Brooke Holladay – Brooke is recognized for her striking blonde hair and blue eyes. She has already won two competitions since her entry into the bodybuilding world a few years ago. In addition to bodybuilding, she is also a gymnast and a dancer.

No longer is body building for men only. Strong, dedicated women have blazed their trail, allowing other women to follow.