With Valentine’s Day in the offing, consider committing to work out with your loved one. Rather than running off to the gym at separate times, you can go as a team. This will enable you to get in shape and spend quality time together. There are lots of benefits to working out with another person. Research shows that people who work out with a friend are more energetic and determined in their training compared with those who work out alone. Working out as a couple will enable you to thrive together by positively reinforcing each other.

Working Out with Your Significant Other

(Pixabay / Unsplash)

Here are a few perks you may discover when you work out with your loved one:

  • Feel more confident – Working out alone may make you feel self-conscious, as you may compare your progress with the many people surrounding you at the gym. When you work out with another person, though, you tend to focus on yourself and your partner. This can foster a much safer and more comfortable environment.
  • Beat the boredom – When you work out alone, you may find yourself in a rut, doing the same things over and over again. When you team up, however, you are combining two different workout styles and backgrounds. The variety can keep you interested and engaged.
  • Get feedback – Having a partner can be like having a built-in trainer. They can check out your form and technique and offer suggestions as needed. They may cheer you on when you meet goals and steer you back on course when you are dragging.
  • Maintain a good pace –You might push yourself too hard or perhaps not hard enough. You may rush through routines, forgetting important details. You and your partner can keep each other working at an optimal pace—going hard when appropriate and resting afterward. This will keep you accountable and prevent training burnout.

Take advantage of February 14 as the perfect excuse to start a fitness adventure with your Valentine.