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What is Raspberry Ketone?

There has been a lot of attention paid by scientists, nutritionists, and dieticians alike into the reported benefits of raspberry ketone. But what are raspberry ketones and do they really work? Many people have suggested that by incorporating a raspberry ketone supplement into your diet you may be able to lose weight, more quickly than with diet and exercise alone, and that you may be able to keep the unwanted weight from returning. If these claims are true, raspberry ketone could possible be the “holy grail” of dieting supplements — and one that people around the world would be eager to get their hands on.




Wild Raspberry Ketone

Wild Raspberry Ketone

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If you’re new to the world of raspberry ketone, take a moment to learn some of the basics behind how it works on your body. Raspberry ketone is the molecule responsible for the amazing aroma of fresh raspberries — but it does far more than just smell good. Raspberry ketone can assist the body in releasing fat, and not only that, it can actually shrink fat cells. It works by acting on a hormone known as adiponectin. Adiponectin is the hormone responsible for the rate at which the body burns fat — if you can successfully stimulate the production of this weight loss hormone, you can trigger the body’s natural fat-burning capabilities. Ketones also have the beneficial effect of reducing appetite, which can help you curb emotional eating and cut cravings for unhealthy foods.

Raspberry Ketones

Another major beneficial property of raspberry ketone is that it can stimulate a process known as lipolysis, which in laymen’s terms means the breakdown of fat. It does this by causing the fat cells to become more sensitized to the effect of another fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine. Once the body is clued in to the message that it should burn fat, it is fully capable of taking care of this process on its own. This is essentially the principal reason raspberry ketones are of such interest to weight loss researchers, because they are able to kickstart this process and let the body return to a healthy weight.

Ketone Weight Loss

Does Raspberry Ketone Really Work?

For the purposes of this article, we chose to examine one of the leading brands of raspberry ketone supplement, Wild Raspberry Ketone. Manufactured in the U.K., it has one of the purest formulas on the market, which is why we chose it to study more closely. The raspberry ketone in its formula is combined with several other potent fat-burning ingredients, which support weight loss in several ways. In addition to high potency, pure raspberry ketone, Wild Raspberry Ketone also contains Kelp extract, Green Tea Polyphenol, and Apple Cider Vinegar. This proprietary formula may be the secret to Wild Raspberry Ketone’s effectiveness. We’ll examine the ingredients in more detail later in the article.

Over 75% of the British population is overweight, with at least 30% who are obese.

While these numbers may sound shocking, it is actually not surprising that modern people struggle with their weight. Compared to a hundred years ago, the average person is exposed to many toxins and processed foods, which have an unfortunate side effect: they may actually trigger the body to store fat. We ingest hundreds of chemicals a day, and these undoubtedly have effects on our hormones, as various studies have demonstrated. It is nearly impossible to avoid processed foods altogether, or to completely protect yourself from all of the manmade chemicals in the environment. So what can we do to return the body to a healthful state and weight?

The efforts of traditional dieting may only exacerbate the problem. Despite all your best intentions of reducing fat intake and hitting the gym more frequently, you may still not be seeing the results you want. When you deprive your system of calories, the body’s natural reaction is to go into survival mode, hanging onto every precious calorie and storing it as fat. When you diet the traditional way, your body naturally assumes you’re starving — and tries to help you by storing energy as fat, for a rainy day! The key to finding a weight loss supplement that can counteract this, is to identify one that can “reset” your body’s fat-storing tendencies. Based on studies, it appears that this is what raspberry ketone is able to do.

Wild Raspberry Ketones

How Do You Take Raspberry Ketone?

Now that you understand how raspberry ketone works on the body to help lose fat, let’s examine how to best take it for optimal results. It’s important to take the correct dosage, and the time of day you take your supplement may also have an impact on its effectiveness. The manufacturers of Wild Raspberry Ketone suggest that you take 2 capsules daily, with a full glass of water (250mL). The ideal time to take Wild Raspberry Ketone is about 30-60 minutes before your first meal of the day. Because raspberry ketone stimulates your metabolism, it’s better to take it early in the day (rather than late in the afternoon or before bed), because the more you continue to move throughout the day, the more calories you will burn. With raspberry ketone, your system is amped up and ready to expel energy and shed pounds, and this is harder to accomplish when you’re at rest or asleep.

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What To Expect With Raspberry Ketone

You may notice some changes to your body, mood, and appetite while taking this supplement. These changes are normal, and are the result of your body burning extra fat as fuel. While some people report weight loss results after as little as two weeks of taking raspberry ketones, others require a up to eight weeks to see the dial on the scale begin to roll back. Generally, people report that they feel calm and focused, and have more energy to complete everyday activities, or even add some extra exercise into their routine.

This is great news for dieters, because often finding the motivation is the hardest part of their desired lifestyle change. If you have more energy, it’s easier to make time for that brisk walk in the morning, or to challenge yourself to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Did you know that you can potentially burn thousands of extra calories a year, simply by parking in the furthest stall of the parking lot? Walking those few extra steps will do your body good, not to mention lessening the risk of other car doors dinging up your paint job!

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Reasons To Take Raspberry Ketone

  • If you have a few extra pounds to lose, especially belly fat, raspberry ketone is a great option.
  • Stimulates lipolysis, also known as fat breakdown.
  • Raspberry ketone can help your body to shrink existing fat cells.
  • Can have the beneficial effect of reducing appetite, which may help you to curb emotional eating.
  • Boosts adiponectin and norepinephrine, the fat-burning hormones.

What Are Raspberry Ketone’s Results?

  1. Faster metabolic rate, resulting in more pounds lost.
  2. Increased energy level and focus.
  3. Reduction of stored body fat, especially in the thighs, belly, hips, and waist.
  4. Slimmer physique and more body confidence.
  5. Improved and more efficient calorie burning.

How To Choose a Raspberry Ketone Supplement

  • Look for one with no additives, fillers, or unwanted ingredients.
  • A company with great customer service and after-sales support.
  • Made in the U.K. is a sign of quality.
  • Order at least 60 capsules to start, for a 1-month supply.
  • Total satisfaction guarantee, so that you can purchase with confidence.

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Ingredients in Wild Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone:

Wild Raspberries

The number one ingredient in Wild Raspberry Ketone is, of course, raspberry ketone. At a 5:1 concentration, it provides 250mg of raspberry ketone per serving, which is the recommended daily dose. The raspberry ketone is a molecule present in small quantities in red raspberries — when extracted and encapsulated, it can be used to stimulate the metabolism, and can aid in weight loss. Not all raspberry ketone is created equal. Most of the cheaper brands on the market actually don’t include raspberry ketone at all, but a synthetic version of it. Wild Raspberry Ketone contains actual raspberry ketone, which was essential to our study, and part of the reason why we chose this brand to examine. Be careful to avoid artificial products, as they may not have the same effectiveness.

Kelp Extract:

Kelp Extract

Sea kelp is an amazingly nutritive superfood, that contains high levels of vitamins and minerals. One of the most important minerals found in sea kelp is iodine, which helps to regulate the thyroid gland. This can help regulate the metabolism, and help to to keep the pounds off. Studies have also shown that kelp may contribute to reducing digestion of fat, which would mean you wouldn’t even absorb the unwanted calories in the first place! That sounds like an ideal solution, and another good reason to include a healthy dose of kelp in your diet.

Green Tea:

Green Tea

The green tea polyphenol extract found in Wild Raspberry Ketone packs a powerful antioxidant punch, with a concentration of 5:1. There are many studies that have demonstrated green teas fat-burning effects. It boosts your metabolism, and helps to mobilize fat so that your body can be rid of it. The fat is broken down and then moved into your bloodstream, where it can be eliminated through the kidneys. Green tea has also been shown to increase weight loss when combined with any kind of mild exercise. That means you will get better results from whatever amount of exercise you can incorporate into your weight loss plan, even if it’s minimal! Green tea is a fantastic ingredient to include in any weight loss product.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar

This natural form of acetic acid is beneficial for a multitude of health concerns. It helps to alkalize the body, and has a host of benefits including helping with weight loss. Because it’s completely natural, there are no unwanted side effects. Like the other ingredients in Wild Raspberry Ketone, this is a 100% natural solution for weight loss, that won’t cause any distress or side effects to your body. Apple cider vinegar has been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years, and with good reason. It is very effective at keeping the body in perfect balance.

Where To Buy?

If you’re curious about where to get Wild Raspberry Ketone, it is available for purchase on the company’s website. You can by single bottles, or you may be able to access one of the trials that the company offers from time to time — if you are lucky enough to be selected for a trial, you can potentially try the product in your own home, without risk. This is the most cost effective option. However, you can also purchase it from the manufacturer, on their site, or on Amazon.

Conclusions on Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone is a wonderful choice to add to your weight loss plan, due to its many healthful benefits, and its slimming effect on the body. By incorporating 2 small capsules of this easy-to-take product into your daily routine, you could effectively help your body lose the weight you want, with much less effort on your part. That’s truly an ideal solution. We have selected this as one of our “top weight loss” picks of the year, for all of its potential to help people around the world lose weight.

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