Hiking burns calories and builds muscles while exposing you to the beauties of nature. It’s possible to be so taken in by the trees, hills, mountains and expanse of sky around you that you scarcely notice that you are exercising.

Hiking and health

(Pixabay / Princess_of_God)

Consider these specific benefits of hiking regularly.

  • Improves overall health and fitness – People who hike consistently enjoy improved physical fitness. Hiking can strengthen muscles while providing aerobic exercise. If you are new to hiking, start slow, tackling short, flat paths for starters and gradually increasing length and intensity.
  • Decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases – Walking for an hour each day, when done at least five days a week, has been shown to significantly reduce a person’s risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • Elevates mood – A walk through scenic landscape can calm your nerves and uplift your spirits. Fresh air can clear your lungs and your head. Hiking can be good therapy for people who suffer with depression, stress and anxiety. Nature has a way of soothing and uplifting the mind.
  • Helps decrease the risk of diabetes – Hiking may lower blood sugar levels and boost metabolism, reducing the potential for diabetes. Hiking works the muscles and converts glucose from the bloodstream into energy. Hiking, along with walking, is one of the activities that doctors most frequently recommend for preventing diabetes or mitigating its effects in those who already suffer from the disease.
  • Raises energy levels – Hiking is an aerobic exercise. It provides oxygen and fuel to the body tissues and muscles. It increases alertness, endurance, and energy.
  • Facilitates weight loss – If you want to shed excess pounds, hiking can burn through calories and help you trim down.

Accelerate Progress with Supplements

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