The Science Behind Cleansing

It is a well known fact that our modern lifestyle makes weight gain easy, while weight loss remains unfortunately hard. Fast food, convenience foods, unhealthy eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle–not to mention the high number toxins that we are exposed to–all contribute to seemingly unavoidable weight gain. Despite growing numbers of people joining gyms, and seemingly making efforts to shed extra weight, obesity and overweightness still continue to climb. So what else can we do to give our bodies an edge in the fight against fat?


Cleansing is a concept that has been around for a while, but the definition of a “cleanse” seems to differ based upon who you talk to. For some, a cleanse can mean cutting out unhealthy foods from the diet, and perhaps resorting only to a diet of vegetable juice or leafy greens. For others, it can mean practically starving yourself and subsisting on liquids alone. While these methods may or may not get results, they can be unhealthy and potentially dangerous. The detoxifying goal of a cleanse is to rid your body of toxin build-up, which can impact your overall health, as well as kickstart your metabolism awake from sluggishness.


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You can gain excellent cleansing results and encourage weight loss, simply by adding a supplement to your diet, rather than taking away all of your favourite foods. There are many different types of cleansing products available on the market, with different ingredients, strengths, and degrees of effectiveness. For the purposes of this article, we chose to examine Daily Power Cleanse, one of the leading UK-manufactured cleansing supplements. We selected this particular cleanse because it has recently been featured as one of the “top pick” UK cleansing products. Read on for more information on how to cleanse effectively, and how to use this unique product to assist with your weight loss journey.

Detox Cleanse

How to Do a Detox Cleanse

Cleansing with a nutritional supplement is as easy as simply taking a couple of capsules daily, with a glass of water. The ingredients in Daily Power Cleanse are designed to gently flush your system of excess waste that builds up on the colon walls. People may carry up to an additional 5lbs of weight in undigested fecal matter that adheres to their digestive tract. Loosening this unwanted material allows the body to gently eliminate and release it.

Fiber is an important ingredient in a good cleanse product, as this is the nutritional equivalent of a broom that can sweep your digestive tract clean. When supplementing with a cleanse product containing fiber, be sure to drink plenty of water--more than you might be used to–as the water will help flush your system of the waste released by the fiber. At least 8 glasses a day is recommended.

8 Glasses of Water

When you are cleansing, you can also exercise, if that is part of your weight loss plan. Moderate exercise is always good for you, but especially good when attempting to detox. Movement stimulates bowel activity, which will again help to flush the system of waste material, and ultimately weight. Even a brisk walk around the block is beneficial. There’s no need to suddenly become a champion weight lifter or run a marathon! Whatever exercise you can add to your routine, big or small, will help you feel healthier and will stimulate your metabolism.

How to Take Daily Power Cleanse

Now that we’ve covered the basics about how a detox cleanse works with your body to help you lose weight, let’s examine the instructions provided by the manufacturers of Daily Power Cleanse. Taking the cleanse supplement correctly will help it to work its best, to help you lose weight the most effectively. You should take 2 capsules of Daily Power Cleanse daily, with a full glass of water (250mL). Many people report that they have more energy and mental clarity while doing a detox cleanse. This may be due to the fact the body’s systems are letting go of unneeded material, and your system can work better and more efficiently.

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Benefits of Detox Cleansing

  • Releases excess, built-up waste and toxins.
  • Allows digestive system to function optimally.
  • Absorb maximum nutrition from the foods you eat, by cleaning digestive tract.
  • Helps to revitalize the metabolism and burn more calories.
  • Feel better, lose more weight, have more energy.

How To Choose a Cleanse Product

  • An all-natural cleanse is the way to go. Look for one with 100% natural ingredients, with no additives, laxatives, fillers, binders, or unwanted ingredients.
  • Should contain a high dose of fiber, for example psyllium husk.
  • Laboratory-created product from trusted manufacturer.
  • Metabolism boosting and weight loss formula.
  • Above all, choose a product with a good reputation and customer success stories. (The brand we examined for this article, Daily Power Cleanse, has been a leading cleanse product in the U.K. for several years.)

Top Cleansing Ingredients

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk: Gently cleans the intestinal tract and removes trapped waste matter.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera: Soothes irritated digestive pathways and allows for easier elimination.

Liquorice Root

Licorice Root: Stimulates weight loss and encourages healthy metabolism.


Capsicum: Excellent anti-inflammatory properties, as well as destroys harmful bacteria.

Ginger Root

Ginger: Encourages proper nutrient absorption by cleaning and healing the digestive system.

Conclusions – Where to Buy Cleanse Products

Although you might be able to find all the individual ingredients from a commercial cleanse product, and find a way to dehydrate and encapsulate them, or else completely change your diet to accommodate all these new foods and herbs, there is an easier way. Purchasing a dietary supplement doesn’t need to be confusing or overwhelming — the supplement we examined in this article, is readily available online, through the manufacturer’s website, or on Amazon (links are provided below).

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