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How To Cleanse

One of the number one questions people ask about cleansing is, “how do I do it?” Many are eager to try cleansing, for a number of reasons such as weight loss, desire to feel healthier, and as a possible antidote to environmental pollution as well as the toxins in of the over-processed foods we consume. Adding a cleansing routine into your diet may be a great way to lose a few pounds and counteract the results of overeating (a great option for after the holiday season, for example). In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways to cleanse, and the validity behind them.


Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse

Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse

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Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse reviews

There are many different commercial products available to help you rid your system of toxic build-up, but which ones are effective? Are they safe, and how should you use them for best results? The product we chose to examine for this study, is Bioslim Power Cleanse, a UK cleanse product that has recently received a lot of press due to its popularity. It’s a food supplement made from 100% natural ingredients, which was one of our most important parameters for this study. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, which is partially the reason for its popularity — according to its fans, it works while remaining gentle on the system.

Cleansing The Body

Let’s take a look at the steps of how to get started on your cleansing journey. We’ll take a look at the ingredients in Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse, and evaluate their effectiveness. We’ll also give you some tips and tricks on how to cleanse successfully.

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What is a “Detox”?

The Importance of Detox

There are many benefits to doing a detox cleanse, such as allowing your body to better absorb nutrients from food, as well as ridding your body of excess waste that may have accumulated. If your diet has been low in fiber and high in processed foods, your colon walls may potentially be harbouring undigested matter, which can cling to the intestinal tract rather than be flushed away. This is understandably destructive to your overall health, which is why taking a fiber-containing supplement such as Bioslim is very important to keeping your system in fine form.

Healthy Fit Couple

Doing a detox cleanse means ridding your system of unwanted material, so it is recommended that you drink more water than usual while you are undergoing your cleanse. This allows the kidneys to do their job, and remove waste material from the body. The essentially  act as the body’s filtration system. Drinking water is also important when you are upping your fiber intake. If you increase your fiber intake, but do not drink enough water, it can actually have the opposite of the desired effect, causing uncomfortable constipation. So, be sure to get your 8 glasses a day!

8 Glasses of Water

Benefits of Detox Cleansing

  • Releases unwanted toxins from the body
  • Stimulates healthy weight loss
  • Renews the digestive pathway for better nutrient absorption
  • Increases feelings of energy

Facts About Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse

  1. Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  2. High fiber content (200mg of psyllium husk per serving)
  3. Gluten free, wheat free, starch free, dairy free, soya free, yeast free, porcine free
  4. Contains 60 capsules per bottle (a one-month supply)
  5. No artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners

Information About Bioslim Ingredients

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera: With its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, aloe vera is extremely healthful in a variety of therapeutic applications. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and although you might know it mostly as a topical cure for sunburns, it also has benefits for the digestive system. By gently stimulating the digestive tract, aloe vera helps with waste elimination, to comfortably relieve constipation and trapped waste.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk: Psyllium is a fiberous bulking agent that is beneficial for heart health and blood sugar levels, and can help you lose weight as well. It helps you feel full by absorbing water, which helps cleanse the digestive system by making bowel movements easier and moving waste products out.


Chollera: This amazing little algae has numerous benefits to your body. It’s a “green food” that can help you free your system from lingering heavy metals, chemicals and toxins such as pesticides that we ingest from food. In Japan, it is taken daily, the way many people take a Vitamin C supplement in the west. It could very well be the key to longevity in the modern world.

Alfalfa Sprout

Alfalfa: Full of beneficial vitamins and minerals, alfalfa is a true superfood that also helps to cleanse the bowel. It benefits the immune system, cures bad breath, purifies the blood, lowers cholesterol and contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. The plants wonderful health properties are due to its root system, which absorbs nutrients from deep within the earth (about 60 feet deep, which is much deeper than most vegetables and plants).

Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root: You may have thought the the unassuming dandelion was a pest, but actually this plant is full of helpful nutrients and has many healthful properties. Many people prepare the plant in tea form for its antioxidant and liver-healing abilities. This plant also stimulates the production of bile production. Bile is the body’s way of removing toxins from the body, which in turn supports the body’s immune system.

Where to Buy

You can buy different types of cleanse products online and in stores, however the cleanse product we examined for this study, Bioslim Daily Power Cleanse, is only available directly from the manufacturer. You can purchase it on their website, or their Amazon shop. For convenience, we’ve provided links at the bottom of this article. Good luck to you in your cleansing journey!

Buy Directly From the Manufacturer in the UK: BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse Phenom Website

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